Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen is an American actress probably best known for her roles on “Modern Family” and “Boston Legal.”

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Julie Bowen is a mix of German, Irish, Welsh and English ancestry, and her full name is Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer. Growing up, she had dreams of becoming an artist.


She graduated from Brown University (and spent her junior year in Florence, Italy) with a major in Italian Renaissance studies and then moved to New York. She worked as a waitress to make ends meet while auditioning. She said, “It took me years to break the will to be serious. Years.”


She said when working on a soap early in her career that it gave her insecurities. “All the clothes were designed for girls with tiny waists and boobs. I was the exact opposite. I’m a normal-sized girl, and no matter how skinny I get, I don’t have a waist.”


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As to working on “Modern Family,” Julie said, “You can have your very best day, and then you walk in and look at [Sofia Vergara] and go, ‘Okay, now that’s just superhuman’…I don’t look bad, but I don’t look like Sofia Vergara, and that’s okay.”


Julie Bowen has worn a pacemaker since she was diagnosed in her early 20s with a cardiovascular condition where her heartbeat can drop to dangerously low levels.


She said, “People always tell me I have a lot of guy energy. I’m less comfortable in stilettos than I am in running shoes.” She is also addicted to running. “It’s the quickest endorphin hit I can get. I like to do it really early in the morning before everyone gets up.”


Julie was Adam Sandler’s love interest in “Happy Gilmore,” and then landed on “Ed,” “Lost,” and then at the age of 39 landed the role that would make her a superstar on “Modern Family.”


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Humble, she said, “I feel like I look like the pale girl in some Flemish painting.” And as far as going out, she said, “I read books more than I go out. As a matter of fact, I get a little concerned about some of my anti-social habits. I will chose a night [with a book] over a crowded bar any day.”


She has three children: Oliver, Gustav and John. As to being a mother, she said, “I’m still in shock every time my 3-year-old goes ‘MOM!’ I’m like, ‘ME???”


She is fluent in Italian. She also describes herself as an anxious person. “I’m constantly looking for the hole in the doughnut.”


Julie Bowen resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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