Julia Stegner

Julia Stegner was born on November 2, 1984 in Munich.

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She is best known as a German model. Her father was a director for LSI Corporation and her mother is an accountant. Julia was raised in an animal-loving household along with an older sister.

Julia Stegner was a child model and appeared in commercials and children's catalogues.

In high school, she played basketball. She was so tall, her classmates called her "beanpole." And during puberty, they called her 'Stegosaurus.'

Before her 15th birthday, while celebrating Oktoberfest, a model scout discovered her. Julia intended to study accounting when she left high school, but moved to Paris to model.

Julia Stegner made her first major cover on Elle and then later opened the 2003 Yves Saint Laurent show. Her career continued to rise, taking assignments for Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Dior. For seven consecutive years, she appeared in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows (2005-2011).

Julia has appeared on many magazine covers, including Vogue (Italian, French, American, Japanese and German), V, W, Numero, Harpers Bazaar, and Another, among others. She also appeared in the 2005 Pirelli calendar, where she appeared half-nude.

Regarding modeling, Julia Stegner said, "Standing before a camera isn't intimidating. It's more comfortable for me. I enjoy it now. I'm more aware of what to do" (askmen.com).

Julia Stegner has been the face of Victoria's Secret, Hugo Boss Eyewear, KissKiss, among others. In 2009, she added Mercedes Benz to her resume.

When asked if she feels at the mercy of beauty, Julia Stegner said, "In some degree, yes because I am dependent on others opinions, if they like me the way I am. If someone says, 'Julia is a classical beauty' I don't take it unconditionally as a compliment. You have to seem surpriseful and exiting. Indeed, I am comfortable with styling, but certainly could never dye my hair because I am allergic to the products. That's why I am happy to have a sloping mouth at least " my trade mark" (fashioninterviews.blogspot.com).

When asked about the lifestyle of a model, Julia said, "Most models are working very hard and don't enjoy such extravagant lifestyles as Cindy, Linda or Naomi did. That was a completely different era, where the girls run over the red carpet with their boyfriends and became celebrities. Any time in the mid-nineties, the actresses reconquered their status as Glamouricons. Since then they wear High Fashion, busy the stylist and make the red carpet into a runway. Now the Designers enlist Hollywood Celebrities for their campaigns more often. There's less work for models."

In her free time, Julie Stegner plays basketball and serves an ambassador for UNICEF.

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