Julia Kelly

For the uninitiated, Julia Kelly is a smoking hot web video star. Yep, she's also a model and actress, but it's her presence on social media - namely Instagram and Vine - that have made her famous.

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Julia Kelly was born and raised in Hawaii but she and her family moved to Los Angeles to allow her to pursue a career in acting.


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Julia Kelly is a beautiful blend of Korean, Frenc, Irish, Black and American Indian ancestry. She wrote on imdb, "[My] passion has always been to perform! Acting being foremost on [my] career path, [I] also love to Hip Hop dance, and sing and write music." Her role models have been Natalie Wood, Ewen MacGregor, Daniel Day Lewis, Claire Danes, Ryan Gosling, and Kate Winslet.


As a social media influencer, she said it’s been a blessing. “I’ve been very grateful for everything.”


Her beauty routines are basically eyebrows. “That’s the most important for me.” She also doesn't work out that often, but when she does she focused on squats. Given a choice, she’d rather walk outside of the house with no clothes on than walk out with no makeup.


As for dating, Julia Kelly said she'd rather date a guy who wore eyeliner versus a guy who wore nail polish. “It’s kind of like the Johnny Depp ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ so it’s kinda hot.” She looks for a sincere guy. "A personality is the number one thing that matters in my opionion." She added, “No games.”


Julia Kelly is currently unmarried and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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