Judy Minx

Judy Minx is a French adult actress and model, though she describes herself as a sex worker and feminist activist. 

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Judy Minx is a mix of Tunisian and Algerian ancestry. She began doing porn when she turned 18. In an interview with Queer TV she said, “I didn’t know anyone in the porn industry and I decided to do it and it makes me proud of how bold I am and independent.”


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Judy Minx is passionate about "politics, feminism, sex worker rights, trans-gender rights, the Palestinian people’s rights, anti-capitalism, fighting against Islam-phobia in France and the world.”


She described herself on Twitter as “just another f*cked up teenage queen.”


Judy Minx told Queer Porn TV: “Sexual expression is not something that degrades women. I try to find work in which I’m able to be myself…do things that reflect who I am, instead of fitting into the roles that the producers in the mainstream want me to fit in.”


As for how she looks, Judy Minx said, “I haven’t shaved my armpits one single time since being a porn actress. Sometimes it creates friction between the filmmakers and me.” She added, “I don’t necessarily look like the ideal standard of pornstar beauty....the fact that I’m skinny and that people think I’m anorexic pisses me off. It’s very hard for me to put on weight.”


As for her desires, Judy Minx said she’s always had rape fantasies. "I don’t think it’s wrong to do porn that depicts rape fantasies…you can’t control desire.” When she started doing porn, people around her were worried that doors would close, but she said, more doors have opened. "I’ve liked my body more, with sex in general."


She added, in regards to porn and feminisn, “If we can make the oppressor horny and watch us just the way we are, rather than the way they want us to be….showing the way you f*ck forces other people to see you differently.”


Spitting, gagging and choking are part of her fetishes. "I feel like a lot of human sexuality is absurd, there’s no explanation for why it’s hot…why do I like getting gagged with a hand…I like it, it’s hot for me, but I can’t convey why it’s hot.”


Judy Minx resides in Paris, France.

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