Joy Corrigan

Joy Corrigan is a model and actress probably best known for her Instagram popularity. Her measurements are 32-24-34. 

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In an interview she did with, as for her career, Joy Corrigan said, “I’m just happy living my dream. I hoped for the best, but I would have never expected this kind of success.”


As for modeling, she said, “I love being sexy…shooting is just like acting; it’s just like telling a story in front of a camera. I think some models feel more comfortable with a certain type of shoot, so they become categorized as that type of model, but I am equally comfortable in both [fashion or glamour].”


Though she is not a Victoria's Secret model, there is always hope. Related: 100 Very Hot Victoria's Secret Models.


As for posing nude, Joy Corrigan said, “It does seem like nudity is accepted more and more every day. I think a photo can be just as revealing with or without clothes, so why not keep it classy and beautiful either way! I still don’t think I could pose nude myself, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with other models that do!”


As for her best asset, she said it was a hard question because “I’m the most critical of myself. I love my smile and I love to smile…reading people is another one of my great assets…it’s hard for someone to put one over on me. And if you think you’re getting away with something, it’s probably because I want you to think that!”


When not modeling, Joy Corrigan loves to paint. “I’m really into art, so I’ve always got one or two paintings I’m working on at a time. I think being artistic is fun; you can pour out your emotions onto a canvas.”


She also likes to cook healthy. “When I’m not working, I’m probably in the kitchen experimenting and cooking up something good!” If she weren’t a model, she would be “doing something exciting and risky. I definitely could not be sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. Maybe I would be an FBI agent or a fashion designer, or even start my own restaurant.”


She’s also happier that the modeling industry seems to be promoting healthier looking girls and cites Kate Upton as an an example.


Joy Corrigan travels frequently and is currently single, though probably not for long.

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