Jhenny Andrade

Jhenny Andrade is a Brazilian UFC octagon girl. She is also a television personality in her native Brazil, as well as a seasoned model, having done lingerie, swimwear, and fitness shoots. 

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Jhenny Andrade became a bit of an overnight sensation on the internet in 2012 when she was booked as an octagon girl at the UFC 163 fight at the HSBC Arena in Rio on August 3rd. Though the fight was between Jose Aldo and the Korean zombie, Chan Sung Jung, all eyes were focused on the gorgeous model instead, as she had never worked a fight before, and most people had never seen her prior to it. But the stunning blonde bombshell had actually been in the modeling game for quite awhile in her native Brazil.


Jhenny was born on December 23, 1987 in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. She began modeling at age six when she was discovered by an agency. From here, her career began to take shape, as she went on through the years to star in a number of television commercials, including ones for supermarkets, milk, and even dental plans. This lead to a career as a TV personality by age 15, with Jhenny presenting on at least five shows in her native Brazil since. The natural beauty has since continued to use her good looks to book modeling shoots for various products, including lingerie, swimwear, and fitness apparel.


As far as her gig with the UFC in 2013 was concerned, Jhenny had this to say about the experience (albeit througha translator): "UFC events are very well organized and glamorous events. People really appreciate and praise the fighters, and I also believe the octagon girls look very pretty up there. I’ve always liked the UFC, and that’s why I immediately said yes to my agency and really wanted to make it work." As far as the fight was concerned, Jhenny favored Aldo, as he was "the first fighter [she] ever saw in action, and he fights with so much passion." Aldo went on to beat his opponent, and was surely grateful to have such a beautiful babe on his side. 

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