Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez is a Costa Rican model probably best known for her appearances in the 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. Her measurements are 34-24-35.

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Jessica Perez was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, but spent most of her childhood in Honduras and Ecuador. Her mother is American, and her father is Costa Rican. She was actually born one month premature and had to wear an eye patch when she was a kid. She spoke only Spanish until she was seven, and then began speaking English. She sometimes gets tired of defending her ethnicity because of the way she looks. “Yes, I am Latina.”


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In high school, she was a “total studious nerd. And proud of it!” Her nickname in high school was “Casquito”, Spanish for “Little Helmet,” which described her hairstyle.


Not just a beauty, she’s also got brains: she earned a psychology degree from Hunter College. And she seems like a good person: she works with Dog Habitat Rescue, an organization that helps abandoned and neglected dogs.


Jessica Perez broke into the modeling world after being scouted in New York while she was going to school. She said, “It was hard for me to break into the industry, because I was going to college at the time, and it was really hard for me to juggle both.” She also won the Sports Illustrated 2011 Model Search.


She told, that if she weren’t a model, she would have really short hair. And even today, she doesn’t know how to drive.


Jessica Perez said modeling has allowed her to become comfortable being by herself. “I’ve spent time in cities in which I didn’t know anyone and I’ve felt totally okay about it.”


A bit of trivia: the sight of blood or needles can make her faint; she doesn’t let makeup artists pluck her eyebrows, and she looks a lot like her mom. The quality she dislikes most in people is arrogance.


She would only day like to live in the woods, and she wishes she could speak fluent French. She has a dog, Sasha, who sleeps with her. Jessica Perez currently resides in New York City.

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