Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris is an actress best known for her (topless) role as Linda the Teacher in Role Models as well as her appearances in indie horror films.

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She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Her father works in construction and her mother is a teacher. She also has an older brother and a younger sister.

From the age of six, Jessica Morris used to dance. She was so good, she danced competitively. By the age of sixteen, she was modeling in Japan, which is where she landed her first commercial for a cheese cracker.

Two years later, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. In order to make the rent, she worked at California Pizza Kitchen. She later moved to New York where she played the role of Jen on One Life To Life for five years. She has since moved back to the City of Angels doing guest-star appearances and working in independent films, including CSI: NY and The Dead Want Women.

Jessica Morris enjoys writing short stories, playing poker, yoga and hiking.

She has said about acting, When I first started, someone told me you have to act with your heart, not your head. It might sound cheesy and very basic, but as long as youre giving your heart to what you do, youre going to be good.

Regarding her role on Undressed, Jessica Morris said, Im not a prude or anything. But the very first day, I had to be in my underwear, walking around in heels and a thong. Later on, I had to lick whipped cream off someones chest. So what Im doing nowits a little mild.

In an interview with, Jessica Morris said I kind of like playing the bad, scary characters. I find that more fun. When asked what her secret is to a good horror scream, Jessica said, You just have to go for it, you cant hold back. You have to be in that moment of fear, which is pretty easy for me because Im pretty much kind of scared of everything in my lifelet it rip. Shes scared of snakes, spiders, murders, guns, knives, needles, heights, roller coasters, death, the list goes on. Jessica Morris added, For the longest time, I couldnt even watch horror films myself. Friday the 13th was the scariest thing to me. I had nightmaresfor weeks after that. I just started booking horror films, which is kind of ironic since Im such a scaredy-catit probably makes it easier for me to act like Im scared. Because to go to that place of terror doesnt take that much for me.

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