Jessica-Jane Clement

Jessica-Jane Clement was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire of England in 1985. There in London, she studied at Sheffield College and Dartington College of Arts before she moved seriously into modeling.

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Clement first hit it big as a Page 3 model, a popular feature used in British tabloids of topless models found towards the front of the issue to help increase revenue. At the age of 18, she modeled for the first time with the American men's magazine, Playboy.

Clement was used in a number of British music videos, including the popular dance act, Uniting Nations, as well as British R&B singer, Craig David, by the age of 20 years old. From there, she would begin picking up small roles in both television and film.

In 2005, she landed a film role in Moussaka & Chips as a female escort named Jade Dragon. From 2005 until 2007, she played a recurring role on Sky TV's Dream Team.

In 2006, she began playing a leading role on BBC television's The Real Hustle, a spin-off of the British drama Hustle. Clement's role on the show was to be the lovely assistant in magic tricks, bets and scams for random strangers in order to teach them how to not be scammed.

Beginning in 2008, Clement took on several short-term roles on television, starting with Celebrity Scissorhands, a BBC series aimed to help its BBC charity, Children in Need. Then, she played a leading lady in the zombie comedy, Doghouse, followed by a role in a General Hospital-type hospital drama of nearly 30 years, Casualty.

From 2011 to 2012, she appeared in short spots on British reality TV and documentaries, including Britain in Bed, a short film about sex in Britain in which she gave her opinion in an interview.

In early 2012, Clement became spokeswoman for Lynx, the female Axe body product for women, which was released in January 2012.

Clement is engaged to 2006's Hair Magazine Hairdresser of the Year, Lee Stafford. Together they reside in London with their two dogs. She is a big supporter for PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.

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