Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart is an Australian model probably best known for her gap tooth and her appearance in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Her measurements are 34-24-34. She is sometimes compared to Brigitte Bardot. 

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At 15, Jessica Hart was “discovered” in a Melbourne shopping center and was convinced to enter a modeling competition. She won. Encouraged, she left Australia, and spent time in Europe and Tokyo before she settled in New York City to puruse a career in modeling.


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In 2012, Jessica Hart broke her ankle, and later, cut her foot on glass at a wedding, forcing her to stay off the catwalk for a few months. However, that same year, she appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


As for modeling, she said the best part of her job is also the worst, and that’s all the traveling. “You meet all these new people but you don’t really know anyone before you get there.”


Jessica Hart lives in New York City and loves it, but “just walking outside your door it can be so manic and crazy so that part of it can be a bit too much.” She added in a separate interview about a normal modeling job that “it’s pretty brutal, from airplane, to car, to job, and back again.”


Her gap-toothed smile has prevented her from landing some gigs, she said, but she won’t change it. “I did go to the dentist once, before I started modeling to see what I would have to do to have it closed. He said he would have to snip my gum and I would have to have braces for three years, which I thought was worse than just having the gap.”


Aside from modeling, Jessica Hart is working on a line of skincare and make-up, as well as designing clothes.


She has been dating Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos.

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