Jessica Chobot

Jessica Chobot is an American on-camera host and internet personality. She primarily hosts shows and contributes pieces to the website, IGN, but has also branched out in the past and lent her talent to the likes of G4, Fuel TV, and Maxim Radio. 

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Jessica Lynn Horn (who now goes by Chobot from a previous marriage) was born in Buffalo, New York on July 7, 1977. Unlike a regular model or actress, or even most TV and internet personalities, it's a bit harder to pin down chronologically where and when Jessica has worked from who and what, as she seems to be a bit all over the place at any given time. However, what is known for sure is that she rose through the ranks of internet fame after a modeling photo of her playfully licking a Sony PSP went viral sometime in 2005. It has been pandemonium in the best of ways for the fun young model ever since.


Primarily speaking, Jessica Chobot works for the website, IGN, where she was not only hired as a full-time host of a weekly show, but also a contributing writer and blogger. She has also contributed to a number of other popular geeky and otherwise trendy outlets such as FHM UK, G4's "Filter" and "Attack of the Show!," as well as Fuel TV.


Of course, Jessica has since left IGN as other opportunities have presented themselves. Primary, she was asked to play a character in the video game, "Mass Effect 3," which then lead to an opportunity to help write an outline for a new Playstation 4 title called "Daylight."


Since 2013, Jessica has also been the host of Nerdist News. The segment is posted tri-weekly, and deals with subject matter relating to video games, tech, and other such entertaining pop culture news. 

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