Jess McCain

Jessica McCain is a model and TV personality probaby best known for her appearance on "The Real World: Portland" and MTV's various "Challenge" reality competitions.

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Jess McCain is a beautiful blend of Hispanic and Irish ancestry. Her measurements are 36C-27-38 and her hobbies are writing poetry, working out, target shooting, reading and athletics.


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Apparently, when she was 16, she got engaged to her then 26-year-old fiancee. They have since broken up. She said she tried out for "The Real World" because "I wanted to get outside of Fayetteville and find myself. By that, I mean, I wanted to know how I would react to certain situations if I didn't have my parents saying, 'Hey Jessica, you better not do that. That's not a good idea!' I didn't have the counsel of my church. I got to be my own person for my once in my life. That's really what I was looking for, but I think the mistake I made was trying to get friends."


Jess McCain said the most challenging thing being on reality television was "realizing that not everyone is going to like you and that it’s okay if they don’t. You have to learn to love yourself first." 


Since being on TV, she's been a Monster Energy model and holds the title of Self Killer's Killer Babe of 2012. She's also been featured on a variety of websites. Jess McCain has since gotten into fitness. She described her way of life on Twitter: "Be rich in spirit, knowledge and heart. Love strong, think deep and live free. God is love. Judge free zone."


Jess McCain shared that she was bullied as a kid. "I know it’s such a heartbreaking thing to be bullied...don’t take it personally and pray that God shows you how to help them because they are the broken ones, not you!"


Her favorite role model is her mother. "She has been the most consistent and supportive person in my life. No matter how many mistakes I’ve made she’s always loved me more than she didn’t like what I had done. She’s given me the foundation I have and the love I know."


Jess McCain splits her time between Los Angeles and North Carolina and is currently single.

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