Jess Davies

Jessica “Jess” Davies is a Welsh glamour model known for her appearances in Zoo, Nuts and FHM magazines. Her measurements are a staggering 28G-25-37. Keep in mind, she’s only 5’ 6” and weighs 110 lbs. She’s pretty much all natural and all breasts. She is represented by Mode London Models.

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Jess Davies grew up in a tiny village in Wales, and as of 2013 was a student at the University of South Wales ( She went from beauty pageants (where she was a finalist for Miss Wales) to the pages of men’s magazines. She said, “Since the age of around 16 I’ve been involved in pageantries and things like Miss Wales. I’ve always wanted to do modeling but basically because of my body shape it was only ever going to be glamour modeling.”


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Jess Davies said that at first she was nervous about taking off her clothes but “the more you do it the easier it gets.” At the time of entering Miss Wales, Jess Davies was still a high schooler and was offered work from men's magazines, but she legally needed to wait until she was 18. She said, “Once I turned 17 it was a case of looking for work and building up my profile.”


Interestingly, Jess said she was bullied online due to her modeling, though her friends and family have been supportive. As for the bullying, she said, “I’ve had nasty messages on social media, sometimes from strangers on a night out….I suppose they see me a blonde bimbo…but they don’t know, they don’t know that I’m studying a sociology degree.”


Jess Davies said it was important for her to get a degree, as she’s aware that most glamour modeling careers don’t last more than 10 years. She added that the business isn’t as glamorous as people think. “Shoots can last from 9AM until 7PM. If you’re in a bad mood you have to hide it for the camera.”


When not attending school, Jess Davies resides in London.

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