Jennifer Zharinova

Jennifer Zharinova is a model and aspiring actress.

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Per her interview with Import Tuner, her nicknames are JZ, Viv, Viva, Genevieve, and Veers. Her measurements are 32B-24-36 and she is a mix of German, Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. She weighs 107 lbs. She is also Christian.

Shes also known as Jennifer Hall and is popular for her appearances in Import Tuner Magazine.

Zharinova grew up on a small ranch in California and has been modeling for 10 years. She recently broke into acting, landing small roles in the films Oceans 13 and Date Night.

Jennifer claims as a kid she was a troublemaker and often got mixed up with the wrong people. She almost didnt graduate high school due to her truancies.

She recalls her first kiss as terrifying! I wasnt too impressed with someone trying to put his nasty tongue in my mouth. LOL, Im kind of a germ freak.

Jennifer Zharinovas hidden talent is Shotguns! I grew up on a small ranch. I can also shovel crap out of the barn or anything else horse-related.


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She speaks some French and Russian. And per her acting resume, she has also advanced training in tap, hip-hop, ballet, belly dancing and Tae Kwon Do.

She has dated every single ethnicity, type and status. What gets me is the connection and vibe. Her celebrity crush was John Stamos. Since I was a little girl I pictured John Stamos as my husband, but then I met a girl who dated him. She was going to set me up with him, but I found out hes not all hes cracked up to be.

Jennifer Zharinova admits her worst habit is I like to have everything in specific places. I even know if someone moves a book on the bookcase. And her addiction is her morning cup of coffee, a habit she is trying to quit.

Jennifer Zharinovas biggest turn-off is Too many to list, but I have noticed that there are some people I cant even be friends with if I dont like the way they smell. As for best pick-up lines, I cant really think of any lines that have worked, but genuine compliments will usually do the trick, or at least make me smile.

Jennifer Zharinova describes herself in three words as Loving, giving and generous.

Per her page on, Jennifer Zharinova lives in Sherman Oaks, California and says, I live in LA and have been modeling for 10 years. I am now breaking into acting. I have done tons of print, TV and commercial work.


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