Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman is an actress and singer probably best known for her roles in “Drop Dead Diva” and “Made of Honor.” She is set to join the TNT series “Franklin & Bash.”

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You may also recognize her from her roles in “Grim,” “Castle,” and “Red Widow,” among other projects.

Jaime Ray Newman began acting professionally when she was 11 years old. She said, “My parents’ first reaction was ‘There are two people in this household with careers and you’re not one of them.’ But after much begging, they acquiesced, and away I went.” Even at six, she would sing at Bar-Mitzvah parties.

During the school year, she attended the private Cranbrook Kingswood School, and in the summers, studied at Interlochen Music and Arts Camp. Apparently, for many years, she held the lead in the summer play performances.

Jaime Ray Newman then attended Boston University for two years before she transferred to Northwestern University. She made her living as a jazz singer before she landed a role on “General Hospital.”

In Los Angeles, she has her own soul/funk band called “School Boy Crush,” and she’s in the middle of writing an album.

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In an interview with Alloy she said if she could have a superpower, she would “want to teleport myself so that I could be at home and then if I had a 5 AM call time, I would just teleport myself to the hair and make-up trailer. It’s eco-friendly; you don’t have to worry about texting and driving.”

Regarding her career, Jaime Ray Newman said, “For some reason, sci-fi/fantasy is a genre that I’ve worked a lot in…I really like it. The thing I like most about it is this cult-like following that these shows have. People get really into it, which is so much fun.” She added, “In this business, you have to enjoy the process because if you pin your self-worth on the outcome, you’re screwed.”

Jaime Ray Newman has been married since 2012 to Guy Nattiv. They reside in Los Angeles.

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