Angela Kohn, AKA Jacki-O, is an American rapper. She is signed to her own independent record label Jack Move Entertainment. She named herself after First Lady, Jacqueline Onassis. Said Jacki-O, “She’s very smart, intelligent. Always wore the nicest gear, strong-minded, and well respected. I just liked her style.”

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She wrote on Twitter in 2013: “Miami hip hop artist as seen on B.E.T., VH1, MTV and a SOUL TRAIN award nominee.” She describes her style as “laid back, but edgy, a little bit of couture mixed with hood.”


Jacki-O got her big break in 2003 with her erotic rap song “Nookie.” She followed it up with her second single “Sugar Walls” in 2004. Her debut album “Poe Little Rich Girl” was released in 2004, selling over 20,000 units in its first week. She also landed a cameo on Ghostface’s Pretty Toney album.


Jacki-O told rapreviews.com that she has been rapping and writing since junior high school. In reference to the song “Pussy,” she said, “I just wanted to do something that would get people’s attention…I wanted to do something that was empowering to women.”


Her musical influences include Queen Latifah (for her longevity), Jay-Z and Trick Daddy.


Jacki-O said the craziest thing a fan has done is to “come to my hotel room, and stalking the hallways. Get a hotel room next to mine.”


She has released two albums: “Poe Little Rich Girl” and “Lil Red Riding Hood.” Jacki-O wrote a novel “Grown & Gangsta” in 2008; she is said to be working on an autobiography.


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She said she’s grown as an artist in that “things don’t seem to upset me much anymore because I learned to be in control of my emotions and not let other people’s emotions alter mine.” And what sets her apart from other rappers is that “I own my music catalogues.”


She stays grounded with her faith in God, “and the fact that humility and patience is a great recipe for growth.” Her favorite getaway is Nassau, Bahamas because “the fresh conch out of the shell is the greatest!”


Jacki-O wanted her legacy in ten years to be “promoting literacy with my books.”


In 2005, Jacki-O got in an altercation with Foxy Brown at Circle House Studios, apparently due to O’s refusal to “bow down” to Brown (mtv.com).


And in 2008, she said that she had to “f*ck for my advance. It was ten stacks…E Class told me I had to have sex with him to get the ten stacks…I’m from the hood and if somebody offers you ten thousand dollars at one time to get out of the hood, and lets you go for your dream of doing music, you’re gonna run to that” (mediatakeout.com).


Jacki-O resides in Miami, Florida.


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