Iggy Azalea

Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, but known professionally as Iggy Azalea, she’s an Australian recording artist and model probably best known for her songs “P*ssy” and “Two Times.” She took the name Iggy from her childhood dog, Iggy Pop. Her debut studio album The New Classic was released in April 2014.

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She told Hot 97 that she won’t crowd surf anymore, or will be much more careful, after some concert-goers tried to finger her. “They think I’m really slutty, like, ‘Oh, she got a song called P*ssy, I know what she wants. She wants these two fingers.’”


Though Iggy Azalea was born near Sydney, her family moved to a small town in New South Wales, which is where Iggy was raised. Her mother is a painter and comics artist and her mother is a cleaner.


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Iggy Azalea began rapping when she was 14 years-old and names Tupac Shakur and Missy Elliot among her influences. She even formed a neighborhood band with two other girls, but it fizzled out because the other girls didn’t take it seriously. She asked, “Does being from the country mean I’m a p*ssy or soft? Because the country where I’m from is hard. People there are tough as nails. I wouldn’t f*ck with anyone from there.”


Iggy Azalea dropped out of high school as she didn’t like school other than her art class. She also said she was teased for her homemade outfits and didn’t have many friends. Rather, she worked with her mother in order to earn money.


When she was 16, she moved to the United States. “I was scared, but I was more scared of what would happen if I stayed where I was. It wasn’t just about going somewhere to become a rapper. It was about going somewhere to feel like I could fit in.”


As for rapping with a Southern American accent, Iggy Azalea said, “I lived in the South for five years…the people who taught me to rap are all from the South and so was the music I had listened to as a teen.” She leans towards rap because “I think music talks to you on an emotional level, regardless of where you’re from. I guess I related to the tempo of rap, the aggressiveness.”


In 2012, she signed on to become a model. That same year, she was announced as the “New Face of Levi Jeans.”


Iggy Azalea stays in shape by running and once took the “30 day squat challenge.” Aside from music, she said, “People think I’m more wild than I am…I like going to theme parks, play sports or just hanging out with friends.”

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