Helene Traasavik

Helene Traasavik grew up in a small town called Hellvik in Egersund City, Norway.

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Her mother is Thai and her father is from Norway. Helene frequently travelled between Norway and Thailand to visit her grandparents. She said of growing up in Norway, "my siblings and I spent our days fishing for crabs.I used to arrange fishing contests in the summertime. I had a very good childhood even though my parents got divorced, and I have a very good relationship to my family."

At the age of 18, and on a whim, she competed in the Miss Norway Pageant and won the title. She spent over a year as Miss Norway and travelled the world as a Red Cross ambassador. But it was her time in Thailand as well as her mother's Buddhist teachings that inspired her to pursue yoga as a way of life.

Helene Traasavik's hobbies include jazz and ballet, listening to house music, surfing, skiing and Pilates. Her favorite motto is "Never stop dreaming, 'cause with eyes in the stars and feet on the ground you can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible, only challenging!"

Besides her parents, the person who had the most influence on her life was Helene's schoolteacher, Anne Sofie Ekberg, because she "taught me to believe in myself and that I can do anything that I want to do" (123india.santabara.com).

When asked what the most interesting thing that happened to her, Helene Traasavik said, "Falling in love is the best. My whole world was turned up side down. And it makes everyday life more interesting and exciting. The most interesting thing about me is that I am unpredictable. I like to surprise people."

The most unusual jobs she's had are "modeling with snakes, cows, sheep and frogs." Helene also dreams of becoming a Bond girl without having to act. And like many beautiful women, she is also a vegetarian.

Helene was featured in a public service announcement about conserving toilet paper that has her running in the forest, and then finding a toilet in the middle of nowhere. In the PSA, she said, "Remember, toilet paper comes from trees. So unless you made a mess, use only a few squares. Do you really need to cut down whole forests just to wipe your privates? Look for products with high consumer content. Maybe you'll be wiping with an ad I was in."

Helene Traasavik splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. She can be contacted via Facebook or her website.


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