Heidy De La Rosa

Heidy De La Rosa, for the uninitiated, is a model from Puerto Rico who is taking NYC by storm. Though she's been seen in a variety of magazines, by her own admission, she's probably best known for her "curves."

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The qualities Heidy De La Rosa likes best in a man are "Funny and def. a gentleman, open door, lady’s first, all that good stuff. Rare to find now days." As for women, she said, "Girls aren’t the nicest to me. Don’t know why!? But if they just smile and are cool nice girls. That's good with me."


When she was younger, she described herself as a "nerdy-looking tomboy." As for becoming a model, Heidy De La Rosa said it just happened. "In middle school I was so not cute. Kids made fun of me. I was a mix between tomboy/nerd with crooked teeth. But THANK God for braces and contact lenses. Whole new better me, then when I started high school people would mention that I should model."


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If she could change anything about herself, Heidy De La Rosa said she wouldn't. "I like my imperfections. Learned so much from them!" Her most treasured possession is "nothing...I'm not materially attached to anything." And the items on her bucket list are to “travel to the moon, learn to race cars and join the mile high club.”


Hailing from Puerto Rico, she said of her homeland: "Puerto Rico is so beautiful. I’m blessed to call it home. I need to first and foremost see my family/loved ones, then enjoy a delicious home cook meal made by my mom and after it’s time for the warm water year round beach. It doesn’t matter what time it is, you can find me swimming in the ocean at night as well."


As for her beauty regimen, she swears by water. "Drink lots of it. Keeps your skin glowing and your body healthy. I also like to maintain my skin silky soft. So I shave my legs with COCONUT OIL, then right after my shower on towel dry skin I apply COCOA BUTTER OIL with 15 SPF and then COCOA BUTTER LOTION."


Her motto is: "Possible!?…EVERYTHING!" Heidy De La Rosa is currently single and resides in New York City.

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