Ginger Gonzaga

Ginger Gonzaga is an American actress and writer probably best known for her role as Gina in the film "Ted." She is half Filipino and half Dutch, and her personal interests include laughing, 1920’s trumpets and jazz. 

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In college, Ginger Gonzaga earned a BA in Political Science and minored in Chinese, and about 15 pounds, “all of which she found useless to her acting and comedy career.” She was nationally ranked for debate and impromptu speaking prior to her acting career.


Ginger Gonzaga said, “When I got into college, I didn’t know for sure that I was funny, and then I lived with all guys. All of my male roommates would steal all the jokes I had earlier in the day and use them to hit on girls.” She later studied at The Groundlings and Second City. “My sophomore year I went to a Groundlings show. I auditioned for The Groundlings and I got in. I loved improv and that was kind of the first step.”


Since graduation, Ginger Gonzaga has participated in the 2009 CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase as a player and writer. She has performed at comedy clubs in Los Angeles, as well as US military bases in South Korea.


But she is most well known for her role in “Ted.” “I’m mostly in the unrated version.” She loves Sacha Baron Cohen, Ricky Gervais, Seth MacFarlane and Jim Jefferies.


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Ginger Gonzaga aspires to play “every type of thing. I want to check every type of person that I could be off of my list. Not always be playing the same thing” ( She likes playing ugly characters in hidden camera situations.


Ginger also appeared on “The Morning After,” a web series produced by Hulu, “Whitney,” “Legit,” and Nick at Nite’s “Wendell and Vinnie,” among other projects. She was recently case in the ABC pilot Mixology, which is set in the world of a Manhattan bar.

Ginger Gonzaga resides in Hollywood, California.

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