Gina Lynn

Born Tanya Mercado, Gina Lynn is a former porn star. She was also the Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2012. Her measurements are 34D-24-34.

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Gina Lynn has appeared in over 170 adult films and won the 2008 F.A.M.E. Award for Favorite Ass. It’s ironic given that growing up her mother gave her a complex about her butt. “She used to call me ‘basketball ass.’ I was this skinny little stick thing, but then I had this big butt.” With all her fame, she still has not done anal. “I didn’t like it, and I don’t want to do something I don’t enjoy.”


Though born in Puerto Rico, she moved to Jackson, New Jersey when she was five years old.


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Gina Lynn broke into the skin biz when she was 19 and began exotic dancing at HeartBreakers in Asbury, New Jersey. In an interview she was asked if she became a stripper while a still a senior in Catholic high School. She said, “I saw how much a friend of mine was making, my husband pushed me to do it but once I got the bug we got divorced cause he couldn’t handle it.” It wasn’t long before she was posing nude for magazines and at 25; she shot her first porno, “18 in Vegas.”


As a girl she said she’d “never do [porn] and look at me now.” In a separate interview, she said, “There have been a lot of fun times but some bad ones, but I have had a good career for the most part.”  In 2004, she began directing porn films. Her directorial debut as “Top Notch Bitches 2.” She also formed her own company, Gina Lynn Productions. 


When she has free time, Gina Lynn likes to go camping and mountain biking. She is divorced from porn actor Travis Knight. When they were married, they performed with other people. Regarding jealousy, she said, it depended on the day, the situation and who he was working with.


Gina Lynn has had stalkers. “I have people stop by my house and drop off letters saying how they want to be friends with me and don’t want sex. They follow me to my gym and I guess are members now. This gets very scary to me sometimes especially when I’m home alone.”


She has since crossed over into more mainstream projects, including Eminem’s “Superman” music video, parts on “The Sopranos” and the film “Analyze That.” Gina Lynn did warn, “There are a lot of girls who couldn’t been really popular and big stars, and now they don’t have a dollar to their name and they’re hooked on drugs.”

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