Genesis Rodriguez

Born in Miami, Florida to Carolina Perez, a Cuban model, and Jose Luis, a Venezuelan actor and singer known as El Puma, Genesis Rodriguez is an actress.

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She speaks both English and Spanish and has two half-sisters. She said of her name, Genesis as a source. As the beginning of life, the world. My father had just separated from his first wife when he met my mother, Catalina. After a few months I came along surprise! They thought I was a lucky omen for a lifetime (

Growing up, Genesis Rodriquez thought she was going to be an attorney. I had good grades. I was an honor student. I was really focused. I could have done anything I wantedacting was my little secret. It wasnt until I got serious about it that things changed.

Genesis attended the Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart, and took classes at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institutes. When her parents saw her dedication, they enrolled her in more acting programs.

Genesis Rodriguez said of growing up with a famous father, ...getting all that attention obviously felt good. I didnt know what it was for. I didnt know why I deserved it. Everyone loved us. Everyone loved me because of my father. That was good enough reason for meat the same time, I would get jealous as a girl gets sharing her father. He would have to divide his time being a dad, being a husband, and being El Puma. I had to share him with the public, something I understood better growing up (

Genesis Rodriguez landed a role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives from November 2005 through January 2006. She was a guest on Top Chef. She has also appeared on Dame Chocolate, which aired on Telemundo.

She has appeared in the film Casa de me Padre, opposite Will Ferrel. Other roles include Man on a Ledge and Entourage.

Genesis Rodriguez said, I have no problem with my body. If I go to the beach I like to wear the bare minimum. Topless, I love topless. But here in California it is illegal to show your breasts, so I only do it where I can, not in Malibu.

Genesis Rodriguez added, The thing about my generation is that I am bilingual and bi-cultural. I have two cultures, the Latin and the mainstream general market culture.however, I always felt that the Latin people are my priority.


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