Gemma Massey

Gemma Massey is an English glamour model and international porn star. She appeared in Playboy magazine seven times, and has also been featured in Zoo, Nuts, Loaded and FHM. She’s had four breast enlargements and her current implants are 960cc silicone. Her measurements are 32E-22-32.

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Gemma Massey thinks her best feature is her smile and what makes her sexy is her British accent.


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Gemma Massey described herself as a good girl gone bad, as well as fun-loving and not stuck up. Growing up, she never though she would be a glamour model, but has since enjoyed traveling and meeting new people.


Before she became a porn star, she was a dental nurse. She launched her career as a Page 3 Girl. After a solid period of just glamour shots, she moved into hard-core. She said her parents were shocked at first about her career, but has since come to accept it.


Her personal motto is “Live every day like it’s your last.”


Based on an interview, she said the qualities she looks for in a partner are a guy “that is caring and considerate and makes me smile every day.” When asked what it’s like to sleep with non-porn guys, Gemma Massey said, “It’s great because they think they have to live up to a certain level in bed, it’s funny. But most of the time it’s amazing.” Her favorite sexual position is doggy, or her on top so that she’s in control.


The craziest place she ever had sex was an old derelict car park.


Some trivia: her greatest fear is spiders.


As for her job as sex performer, Gemma Massey said in an interview with the BBC, “I get paid ridiculous amounts. I think I’m the highest paid porn star in the UK. If I want plastic surgery, they pay for that. If I want a car, they pay for that. If I wanted a house, they’d probably pay for that, too.” Apparently, the interview caused an uproar because it was news produced and targeted at a younger audience.


Gemma Massey is currently single and resides in the United Kingdom. She has sometimes hinted that she will retire.

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