Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia is an adult actress and model who is a beautiful blend of Japanese and Spanish ancestry. She described herself on Twitter as “Digital Playground Contract Star, Twistys Treat, Ms Exxotica. I give good twitter.” Fans may recognize her from her work in such titles as “Stunning Curves,” “Hot Lesbian Love 2” and “Tape Bound, Volume 17.” Maybe hotness runs in the family because her mother posed for Playboy when Eva was younger.

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  • D.O.B. May 29, 1989
  • Age29
  • Hometown Los Angeles, California
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town North Carolina
  • Height5' 3"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorHazel
  • Ethnicity Multi-racial
  • Job Adult actress/Model
  • Twitter MissEvaLovia
  • Website http://www.missevalovia.com
  • Marital Status Single


Eva Lovia grew up as an "outdoorsy girl with lots of male friends and a few great girl friends." She said the average person would say she was "funny, surprisingly down to earth and sweet, but I have a fire-y side."


She got her start in modeling while working at Hooters. One of her special talents is that she can fold herself into a pretzel. And she said the meaning of life is to learn, love and lust. She said guys compliment her most on her freckles or her eyes. 


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Eva Lovia said a fun fact guys should know about her is that "I can suck the nails out of a head board." As for shooting scenes, she said, "I love the camera and I love looking into the lens and imagining someone on the other side watching me...."


She came up with her stage name because she is half-Spanish and wanted something to represent the fire she has. "Eva for me has always been a sexy fiery name. As far as my last name it came from love, but I wanted something exotic, something silky, so I came up with Lovia." 


She lost her virginity when she was 17. "It was awful and awkward like everyone else's. It lasted 2 seconds." She is, however, a serial monogamist, and had not been with girls before she got into porn. Sexually, Eva Lovia likes very rough sex. "Deep biting, slapping, choking, that's my thing." She added that since doing porn, she learned "you can have amazing sex with someone that you’re just meeting. It doesn’t have to be that fairy tale, wine-and-dine bullsh*t. You can meet someone, have great chemistry and have great sex."


Outside of porn, her hobbies include fitness and eating well. She said, "I have a dog, so I like hanging out with her. She said if she weren't in the skin business, she might be a psychologist. "I love being the rock for people in a rough spot. I'm the oldest sister and I've had to raise my other two siblings so I've always been a nurturing type."


Though she was born in Los Angeles, Eva Lovia now resides in North Carolina, where she attends school.

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