Emma Rose

Emma Rose is an Australian model and reality TV star. She famously appeared as a contestant on the first season of "The Bachelor Australia." 

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Emma Rose Sutcliffe was born in New South Wales, Australia, but grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. While she is most famous for her modeling work, the beautiful and buxom young talent has also made a very fruitful career for herself in the health and fitness industry. From her humble beginnings working in sales and eventually management for over six years, Emma developed quite the passion for staying fit, as it not only came in handy with her modeling, but put her mind and spirit in a good place as well.


Of course, as already mentioned, Emma is known best as an up-and-coming international model. In her native Australia, she is already famous for being a Zoo Weekly Cover girl, as well as the face of David Dibley Hair Design. Internationally, she has appeared in the pages of such publications as Men's Health, Women's Health, and Ralph. Such notoriety also lead to her being chosen as one of the 25 contestants to participate on the first season of Australia's version of the American hit TV series, "The Bachelor." However, she withdrew in the second episode, citing the the competition wasn't for her.


Since becoming a famous model, Emma has moved to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in order to continue her university studies. Due to her social media popularity, she has also started up a complete lifestyle program known as Emma Rose Transformations, where she personally works with young girls to help them properly shape their bodies through professionally crafted health and fitness plans, while also giving them beauty tips and helping them with their confidence levels. Girls with access to the program can also contact Emma one-on-one. 

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