Emma Glover

Born on June 6, 1987 in Essex, England, Emma Glover is a hot model. She described herself in 2013 on Twitter by saying, “I’m a model. I spend much of my time in my underwear with other girls in their underwear. It’s a good life.”

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Emma Glover's nickname is “Glovebox.”


Her measurements are 30G-24-34 and she weighs 110 lbs. She told zootoday.com that she loves her boobs. “They’re perfectly symmetrical. And I’ve got good nipples. Some girls’ are too high, low, big or small. Mine are just right.”


As a brunette with boobs, Emma Glover said, “Well, we’re smarter, more mysterious bunch, I guess. We get away with a bit more, too.” The oddest places she’s been topless include airplanes, trains, taxis, and supermarkets. She claims she even skydived topless from 12,000 ft.


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Emma Glover said she has dreamed of becoming a model ever since she was a little girl. She got her start after working in an office in London and decided to send off her photographs to an agency. Twenty-four hours later her career began and she worked for NUTS magazine.


Emma Glover has been featured in Zoo Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Monkey Magazine, Talk Sport Magazine, The Daily Star and the Sun, and companies, including Lynx, Ann Summers, Pabo Lingerie and Channel 4, among others.


Emma Glover supported the charity “Help for Heroes.” She also climbed Ben Nevis for a charity called Life For A Kid.


According to hotshotscalender.com, she hates football, drinks lager, and her favorite gun is the G36. Her favorite booby brunette is Kelly Brook. “I saw her at the ‘Skyfall’ premiere and she smiled at me. I was like, ‘Kelly Brook is checking me out.’”


Emma skydived in 2011, and she loves Twitter. “If there was a ‘Twitters Anonymous’ I’d be a part of it. It’s the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning.” Emma Glover also makes her own topless greeting cards. “Suitable for any occasion!”


Checkout ladies, moms and even her postman have recognized Emma. “I kind of hope I’ve improved his postman street cred.”


Emma Glover lives in England.


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