Emily Skye

Emily Skye Anderson, but known professional as Emily Skye, is an Australian fitness model probably best known for her popular Instagram. She’s also the winner of various contests, including 1st Place WNBF Miss USA Figure NSW 2011 and 1st Place WNBF Best Body Swimsuit Sydney 2012. Her measurements are 33C-25-34.

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Emily Skye described her own journey into fitness as the “skinny, insecure, depressed girl turns fit, happy & confident.” She began modeling when she was 15, but said, “I just never thought I was good enough for any jobs…I could never be happy…I was a pessimist, always negative and always put myself down…I was always worried about what others thought about me and constantly did things to make them happy even if it meant putting my own happiness aside!”


She added, “I had to make a lot of changes and these changes took time and deliberate effort. Every day I would work hard to not go back to the person I used to be.”


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One of her mistakes when she started getting into fitness was overtraining. “I’d stay at the gym for sometimes up to 3 hours thinking that the longer I spent training, the more ripped I would be. I soon learned that resting is just as important as training!”


Her biggest piece of advice when training is “to listen to your body! If you’re too tired or sick, then don’t train. If you’re hungry – eat!” Her diet is “clean but not too strict at the moment. When you deprive yourself of certain foods when competing you risk damaging your metabolism.” She added, “I never weigh my food or count calories.”


As for her social life, Emily Skye admitted that it is harder to socialize with others that aren’t into fitness. “They don’t understand why I eat a certain way and why I love training so much. You have to be careful not to let other people influence you or your lifestyle negatively.”


Her favorite workout songs include “any of the Skrillex songs or remixes!” Her goals include representing a company and traveling around the globe promoting it.


Aside from modeling and fitness, she enjoys photography, the beach, traveling and snowboarding. She also hates shopping. Emily Skye is currently single and resides in Sydney, Australia.

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