Emily Browning

Emily Browning is an Australian actress probably best known for her doe eyes and rosebud mouth and appearing in roles such as “Sucker Punch” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

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  • D.O.B. December 7, 1988
  • Age29
  • NationalityAustralia
  • Current Town Australia
  • Height5' 1"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorHazel
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Twitter @EmilyyBrowning
  • Marital Status Single


Her nickname is Em. She has a nose and belly button piercing. 


Emily Browning grew up in Australia and at the age of eight got into acting after a classmate’s father (who was involved in the entertainment industry) noticed her “acting all ditsy” in a school play. She made her debut in the Hallmark TV movie “The Echo of Thunder.”


She has also appeared in “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” “The Uninvited” and “Ned Kelly,” among other projects. She was in consideration for the role of Bella in “Twilight” and Katnis in “The Hunger Games,” and actually turned down the lead role in “Twilight.” She landed on “Sucker Punch” after Amanda Seyfried dropped out.


About “Lemony Snicket,” Emily Browning said, “I hated [L.A.] I was 15 and thought I was punk and that Hollywood was crap. I wanted to be back at school – I actually missed homework, which was weird, and be with my friends and do normal things.” When the film ended, she went back to Australia in order to finish school.


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She said about the poor reviews of “Sucker Punch” and “Sleeping Beauty,” “I’d rather make an interesting film that gets people talking, that maybe some people hate, than make the kind of ‘entertaining’ film that everyone feels ambivalent about.”


She said about “Sucker Punch,” that as someone who has “never been a particular physical person,” she was intrigued the moment the director told her she would have to train in the martial arts. She added, “Maybe because of interference from the studios, the female empowerment message that I was hoping to send got muddled up.”


Emily Browning said when she sees herself on screen she cringes.


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She got naked for “Sleeping Beauty” and said, “Nudity doesn’t bother me. Mainstream media and society seem so frightened by sex, but it’s really not that scary.” She said after her mother saw the movie, she said, “I thought it was great, but I really don’t want to see your t*ts again for a few years.” (guardian.co.uk).


Emily Browning actually never studied drama in school. “Never! I hate drama kids – I can’t stand them. In that environment of a drama class everyone is so over the top. I just want to say, ‘Shut up! Stop performing!’ It’s too much. I’d like to do theatre one day, but I generally find theatre people way too intense. I like making films because it gives me a chance to be quieter” (femail.com.au).

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