Ellis Cooper

Ellis Cooper is a British 'Glamour' model that after a short time on the scene has gained a following through her online modeling.

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In the past year she has been grown popular in certain circles for her tattoo clad rock girl appearance.

She says she has been modeling since her mid-teens but since decided to be a 'Glamour' (a euphemism for 'nude' in England) model when she turned 18. When asked if she has any complaints or regrets she says there are obviously the long hours of being topless in cold studios but she can't complain because, "We get paid to look pretty and gyrate in front of a camera, how can any girl not love that?" (Reneeruin.com)


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Cooper told the fashion blogger Renee Ruin that her identity as a 'Glamour' model is more of an idea than her actual personality. She says, "I don't have a day to day job, I should probably get one but I get by just doing modeling. Thankfully my parents will help me out if I can't eat but that's a rarity, touch wood!" (Reneeruin.com)

"I didn't for a while," Cooper says of identifying herself as a model, "I doubt myself a lot but now I'm getting published and big photographers ask to take my picture, it's surreal. I shot my first cover feature recently and it's exciting. Hopefully there will be more than one."

Whenever Cooper can she updates her Tumblr blog with photos of herself with editorial captions (seriously there are a TON of photos) along with Q&A's from fans via Tumblr or Twitter. Always being open with her fans, she told the tattoo fashion site Shockmansion.com that the best advice she can give is, "you need a very thick skin to deal with the criticism and let downs but it's all worth it in the end!" Thick skin that she says she acquired from overcoming an eating disorder and other difficulties growing up. (ReneeRuin.com

This past year Cooper also became engaged to Modestep vocalist Josh Friend. Formed with his brother, Tony, the band is an up and coming blend of Dubstep and Rock based out of London England and recently toured in support of The Lostprophets and just had their first US dates this past November.

She even used the website to try and sell her classic Nissan Figaro. She's announced that she is coming out with a 2013 calendar and it will be available for purchase through her Tumblr's merchandise section.


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