Donna Feldman

Born in Calabasas, California, Donna Feldman is a model and actress best known to audiences for her appearances in Maxim magazine and the film "Don't Mess with the Zohan."

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Donna Feldman's parents are Israeli of Jewish descent from Russia and Poland. Growing up, she was shy, tall and wore braces, which made her a target for teasing.

Donna got her start in modeling when she was discovered while enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After she graduated, she got into modeling full-time.

She has been featured in campaigns for Apart Fashion, Bebe, Belldinie, Caesar's Palace, Faber Felina, Finest Fashion, Westfield Shopping Center, Verizon Wireless, Platini Jeans, Rampage, Revlon, Sean John, and a host of others, but she is probably most visible for Visa Blackcard.

She has appeared on the covers of Esquire, Women's Fitness RX and Stuff. Donna keeps her body toned with a strict regimen of hiking and cardio training.

Donna Feldman's acting credits began when she starred in the music video "Senorita" with Justin Timberlake. Other music videos include "Blame the Vain" for Dwight Yoakam, "Tired of Being Sorry" for Enrique Iglesias and "It's so Easy" for Sugar Ray.

In 2005, Donna was a trophy girl at the Academy Awards. She later landed a spot on "Deal or No Deal," holding the number 22 suitcase. Other acting roles include "Deadliest Warrior," "Castle," and "Chuck." She also served as a co-host on "The Fashion Team" and occasional panelist on "Redeye."

She said, "I don't think of my breasts as much as men might, but I guess I can say that I'm happy to have a feminine body and am happy that it's all natural" (


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Donna has also been named on "Sexiest Lists" for Maxim and FHM. She likes men with "sincerity, strong hands, video game skills, and the ability to present her with a chocolate soufflé of the hot and melting variety."

She has said of meeting successful people in the industry: "I have come across a lot of successful people.who shock me with their diva-like entitled attitude, but I will never act that way no matter what. I believe in showing everyone you work with respect and kindness" ( Donna Feldman would love a role in "any superhero X-men style movie, Wonderwoman, something along those lines of portraying a strong, sexy, badass type woman!"

Donna Feldman added that she doesn't see herself as a sex symbol. "I just think of myself as a normal girl who used to get teased in school for being tall and awkward. I guess it feels good though and I appreciate the compliment."


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