Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro is, as you will soon find out, a bodacious hip-hop model with a banging body. She's appeared all over the 'net and in a variety of magazines, and she's been modeling since she was 16. Per her profile on Model Mayhem, she's "focused, dedicated, outgoing...achiever of everything I set my mind to. Like being down to earth and zero conceited." She's got a great attitude and sexy curves!

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Dolly Castro hails from Nicaragua and actually completed 8 semesters of law school before switching into modeling as a career. She now calls Miami, Florida home.


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In an interview with, she said her biggest flaw was that she was too nice. If she had to date a superhero, she would date Superman because "he is always helping everyone and he has a great body." And as for her sex life, she said she's like "something out of a great porn scene, I'm a real performer." 


Guys, take note: something guaranteed to turn her on is to "smell good and whisper sweet things in my ear." Dolly Castro's ideal man is a "gentleman, knows how to treat a lady the old fashion way, opens doors, gives me his jacket when I'm cold, goes the extra mile just to make me smile and does it on his own, doesn't have to be told."


Though Dolly Castro loves her eyes and she gets a lot of compliments on them, she said, "Let's be real, I have a great booty." We won't argue with the truth. Though she did say she would rather have a great face and no butt than vice-versa because you can always "buy the butt."


Dolly Castro is currently single and resides in Miami.

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