Devin Brugman

Devin Brugman is an American model best known for her shots on Instagram for her "A Bikini a Day" site. She and her partner have followers that number in the tens and tens of thousands.

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Devin Brugman's measurements are 34D-24-36 and she is the co-owner and creator of @abikiniaday. Though born in Oakland, California, she moved with her family to Maui, Hawaii when she was four years old.


Devin Brugman said growing up in Maui was a great experience, but she got island fever. After she graduated high school early, she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17. She said she was drawn to Southern California’s energy and optimism. “I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I hated high school and that there was no way in hell I was about to a attend a big university with frat boys and shit.”


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When she moved to LA, she partied for a year straight, “which was good  ‘cause I got it out of my system.” Devin added, though, “It’s important to prioritize! There’s sh*t going on every single night in LA, and if you get caught up in it, the city will eat you alive.”


Devin Brugman became a model at 18. She created, along with a partner, “A Bikini a Day” as an instagram page. “We upload a picture of either Tash or myself in a new bikini everyday and explain what we love most about it.”


Aside from her modeling endeavors, she is a student at Mount St. Mary’s College, a Catholic college.


Devin said the best city she’s ever visited was Monaco, France. “I went when I was 15 and have been dying to get back…It is such a beautiful, clean and exciting city. That city is full of big money and seeing it all in action is fascinating.”


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Her turn-ons are “a manly man. I love a guy who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.” Her turn-offs include “a guy who asks too many questions…where do you want to eat? What movie to you want to see…. sometimes a girl just wants a guy to take control and make decisions without hesitation.”


Devin Brugman describes herself as relaxes, sexy and classic. Her girl crush is Mila Kunis. Devin resides in Los Angeles, California.

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