Destiny Dixon

Destiny Dixon is an adult model and actress. Fans may recognize her from “Tease Me POV” and “Big Boobs in Uniform,” among other titles. Her measurements are 34D-24-36.

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She described herself on Twitter as “Adrenaline Junkie-Adult Star-Pro Motorcycle Stuntrider – Webmaster and much more!!”


Her first job was working at Dairy Queen when she was 14. In high school, she said she was popular because she was nice. “I think I was well liked because I was a fun person.” She began modeling when she was 14 and has been a professional motorcycle stunt rider since she was 21. “I’ve been in lots of accidents. I’ve broken my ankles, wrists, tailbone.”


Destiny Dixon segued into the adult business as a non-nude web cam model in 2009. She transitioned into hardcore in 2012 “after I got comfortable being naked.” She said her family loves her and supports her as “long as I am healthy and happy so we don’t really talk about it.”


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Destiny Dixon said her thoughts during her first movie were “F*ck Yes. I am ready for this.” As for her favorite sexual position, she said, “I love to be on top and ride. I like to be in control.” She added, “I’m a very sexual person. I like the attention, I guess.”


If she weren’t in porn, she said, “I would probably be using a B.A. degree in criminal justice forensic like I had originally planned.” As for being a porn star, Destiny Dixon said, “I love being wanted and adored as a sex symbol and intelligent woman, it feels damn good I must say.” She said the biggest misconception about her is that “everyone just hooks up with everyone. Not true. We are human; we have families, friends, other jobs and inspirations.”


The most exotic location she shot at was in Maui at a nude beach. “It was so much fun shooting in front of 200 naked people walking around.”


The favorite part of her body is her eyes. Her least favorite is her feet. “I can never wear any of my girlfriends’ shoes. I am always a size too big.” She said, “I’m not into the over-sized lips, face lifts and over-Botoxed faces. I get my new boobies in a few weeks due to maintenance, other than that I am definitely self-satisfied with my look and body.”


She said her special talent is that “I am a squirter…I can’t do it on command, but if I get f*cked good enough it gets crazy.” She prefers hardcore versus softcore. “It’s way more fun and I like it dirty.” Her favorite sex position with a woman is scissors, and with a guy she likes reverse cowgirl.


Her turn-ons are humor, confidence and open-minded people. Her turn-offs are “stuck up, shallow, rude people.” She admitted to a weakness for bi-sexual women, and she is very dominant and always makes the first move on a guy.


Her ordinary day is “Starbucks…work on my sites…go riding at the stunt spot…choreograph class…webcamming…photo-shoots and traveling.” Destiny Dixon is currently single and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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