Denise Schaefer

Denise Schaefer is a model who burst onto the scene in 2013. Her Instagram popularity led to more modeling gigs, and her star continues to rise. She is represented by LA Models.

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Denise Schaefer is a mix of Peruvian, German, Italian and Spanish ancestry. She was born in Lima, Peru but moved to Los Angeles when she was 11 and now calls it home. She got started in modeling after she was “discovered” while vacationing in New York City. “I was offered a modeling contract there, but I wasn’t going to move straight there so I came back to LA and went to an open call at LA Models and signed with them.”


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In an interview with, she said that some of the best things about being a model were “always getting your hair and make-up done, travelling and meeting people while doing different things.” The worst parts of the job are “not knowing your schedule until the night before” and that “some girls are way too competitive and obsessive.” She added that high heels hurt.


As opposed to what people may think about a model’s life, she said, “most people don’t realize that models have to go to a ton of castings in order to book jobs and all jobs aren’t easy and glamorous.”


Denise Schaefer said, “I’m not a party animal, but I have a lot of energy.” She would love to work for Victoria’s Secret. She also looks up to Adriana Lima.


A bit of trivia: her favorite city is New York City, but she would love to visit Rome, Paris and Rio. Her dislikes include: rats, cats, dirty places, people with bad intentions, fish, studying, tomatoes, bad hygiene, and negativity. When not modeling, she likes to hang out with her friends. “I like going on adventures and doing new things.”


If she weren’t a model, she would probably go back to school, though her ideal job besides modeling would be as an actress. Denise Schaefer is currently going to school while modeling.

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