Debbie Sath

Debbie Sath is an Australian model seen in the pages of Import Tuner and Zoo. She has also been a Go Go dancer. Her measurements are 32D-24-31 and she's been modeling since 2009. 

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Debbie Sath got started in the modeling world by accident after a photographer friend asked her to shoot for his portfolio. “I had so much fun and realized I wanted to do more of it." She described herself as “driven, honest and warrior.”


She is a mix of Cambodian and Portuguese ancestry. As a baby, her grandma used to dress her up in "pretty dresses and do all these shoots with me. I hated it so much back then but I guess it really grew on me." She described herself as a wild girl turned good. “I used to get in trouble a lot and had a lot of detentions.”


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Debbie Sath considers her best trait her skin, though she added, “I am very comfortable with my body. I have learned to accept what my mama gave me.” She has a scar on her right knee from paying four-square when she was ten.


For guys who want to ask her out, she’s not into "cocky." She’s attracted to men who “have direction in life, who are passionate, who know how to take care of a woman, and can make me laugh.”


In the bedroom, she said she is the loud one. “Sometimes I just can’t help myself.” And what gets her in the mood are foot massages. “Preferably deep tissue ones.”


She moved from Australia to Hollywood, where she is pursing her modeling dream.


A bit of trivia: Debbie Sath's favorite food is raw oysters. Her hero in real life is Oprah. “She’s the most powerful woman ever and I strive to be one, too.” And if Debbie could have a superpower, she would like to control time.

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