Dawn Olivieri

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida on February 8, 1981 and raised in Seminole, Florida, Dawn Olivieri is an actress.

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When she was young, she described herself as having no curves and not feminine and was given the nickname Dan. In high school, (she attended Seminole High School) she played bassoon in band. But puberty finally kicked in and she became that daughter every parent is so terrified to have. When she graduated, she was chosen by a modeling agency to go to Milan.

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Dawn went to Italy to model, but was stiffed by her modeling company, and she came back to Florida and studied biology at the University of South Florida. Modeling wasnt a complete bust, as she said, There are some great movement lessons to be learned as a model. You learn about how your body moves, what is flattering, what is not. Most importantly, what you are thinking is conveyed through your eyes and your face, and it is the same on screen.

She segued into acting after auditioning for The Player, a 2004 reality series on UPN. (Interestingly, she tried out for The Amazing Race with her mother, but they didnt make the cut.) Dawn Olivieri later carried a suitcase as a model on Deal or No Deal.

Dawn Olivieri said, There was never a plan B for me. I put everything into what I am striving for, acting was plan A. It had no choice but to work out.

She has appeared on a variety of television series, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Las Vegas, Veronica Mars, How I Met Your Mother, Stargate: Atlantis, Cold Case, Knight Rider, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Heroes, and Californication, among others. She is probably best known for her roles on True Blood and House of Lies.

Dawn Olivieri also voiced the role of Lucy Kuo in the video game inFamous 2.

Dawn said of her character on Heroes: Im actually a sci-fi nerd on the inside, I just happen to be symmetrically put together on the outside (askmen.com).

She said the worst pickup line is probablyno pickup line. I mean, at the end of the day, what is the worst that could happen? The first thing she notices in a guy is style, which maybe extends to swagger. If youre comfortable with who you are, it shows in your walk (maxim.com).

Dawn Olivieri admitted to askmen.com that she has a weakness for bad boys.

Per her Twitter, she describes herself as Once upon a time, tattooed long ago, a dream began to grow. From a werewolfs sis to vampire bliss, Beware of a consulting foe

Dawn Olivieri lives in Los Angeles, California.


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