Dana Workman

Dana Workman is a model, actress and host probably best known for her hosting duties on SyFy’s “Haunted Highway," where she does a first-person investigation of paranormal activity along America’s roads. She has also appeared in “The Flip Side.”

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Dana Workman grew up in Los Angeles; her father was a CFO and her mother a teacher. As a child, she played a lot of sports. “I think I was a boy until about 16.” She was also a cheerleader and said about herself: “I was a tiny spitfire.”


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Per her website, Dana Workman has traveled the world covering stories in Dublin, London, Puna Cana, Tahiti and Macau. “I love London. I wasn’t so much a fan of Dublin, but I didn’t get to travel around too much while I was there. And I could definitely do without Macau.”


As for taking part in Hollywood, she said, “I just kind of knew I was going to be in the industry. There really wasn’t a thought process. It felt like I was destined for it.” She described herself as a pretty tough person, but “I think most people also know that I have a huge heart.”


As for her gig on “Haunted Highway” Dana Workman said, “I don’t really like to be bait…I just got used to being terrified. It just became natural and normal.” She added, “I have two very opposite sides. I’m an open-minded skeptic. I’m very skeptical about things but I’m also afraid of my own shadow” (sheknows.com). In her own life, she has not experienced any paranormal activity. “I’m almost offended that I haven’t…my dad saw a UFO and told me stories about it and I’ve always been into X Files and stuff like that.”


Her fears and obsessions are about natural disasters. “The things I’m most fascinated about, I’m also afraid of, like the ocean.”


As for guys, Dana Workman looks for someone with a sense of human and is attentive to the little things.


She loves comedy, and has had roles in “8 Simple Rules” and “Malcolm in the Middle,” among others. She said, “I started off acting and I kind of fell into hosting. I didn’t know I wanted to do it until I started doing it,” (starpulse.com). She added, “I get hired to be me and I am the luckiest person in the world.”


Dana Workman is single and resides in Los Angeles.

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