Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims is an English TV personality probably best known for her appearance on the reality series “The Only Way Is Essex.” She is a former Playboy bunny, full-time mom and current co-owner of Chloe’s Beauty Bar in Brentwood, England.

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Aside from being a TV personality, she wrote an autobiography titled "The Only Way Is Up," in which she detailed the hardships of her life. She said, "I have so few memories of mum that I can barely even remember her face. I'll never know why she left and we've not seen her since. What sort of woman just walks out and leaves her child? I don't think what happened that day will ever sink in. Why mum left me, I'll never know. As far as I'm concerned I will never meet her."


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Chloe Sims shared that she was a victim of bullying during her teenage years, saying: "I was called an alien and a stick insect. A group of girls told me I looked like I had Down's Syndrome and were always threatening to beat me up." Apparently, she only gained confidence after winning a modeling competition at 15.


After she became a mother, Chloe Sims became obsessed with her weight. "I eventually got to the point where I couldn't stand having anything in my belly so I would make myself sick. I'd always been able to stick my fingers down my throat if I was too drunk on a night out so I knew I could do it. I started drinking loads of water before I ate anything as that made it much easier to puke up afterwards." She added, "I became good at hiding it but I was looking awful. I looked ill - I was really skinny with big, bulging eyes."


She was also broke. "I needed to support my little girl and I felt I had no choice. I was pole dancing. I did what I had to do for my daughter and I hated every minute of it. It was the lowest point of my life: I was completely skint, my landlord was threatening to kick us out and we had nowhere to go. We had no hot water so I would boil a kettle to wash Mady. Then I'd put two pairs of pyjamas on to keep her warm at night. My plans to be a good mum had failed, I had hit rock bottom."


Chloe Sims was surprised to see negative comments written about her after her appearance on "The Only Way Is Essex." "I was expecting some hurtful comments after the first episode but nothing could prepare me for the thousands of people saying horrible things about the bits I feel most self-conscious about. It did make me cry," said Sims.

As for marriage, she said, "I think marriage is an amazing commitment, but I think you should only marry if you really feel you'll be together forever."


Chloe Sims currently resides in Essex, England.

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