Chloe Dykstra

Chloe Dykstra is an actress and model probably best known for her appearance on the SyFy show “Heroes of Cosplay.” She is also a co-host and producer of the web series “Just Cos" for the Nerdist Industries’ YouTube channel.

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  • D.O.B. September 15, 1988
  • Age29
  • Hometown Sherman Oaks, California
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town Los Angeles
  • Height5' 9"
  • Hair Color Redhead
  • Eye ColorGreen
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress/Model/Host
  • Twitter @skydart
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Single
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Chloe Dykstra was born and raised in Sherman Oaks. She said, “It’s kind of like the nostril of Los Angeles; it’s not quite the butthole or armpit, but it’s definitely not that little sweet spot on the inside of your hipbone where people get tattoos, either.”


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In high school, Chloe Dykstra felt as if she never quite fit in and turned to technology. “I was a bit of an outcast in high school.” Maybe it helps that she is the daughter of Hollywood visual effects maven John Dykstra (whose credits include Star Wars and Star Trek).


Before she landed on “Heroes of Cosplay,” she attended conventions in cosplay. “I loved the idea of Comic-Con, and I always wanted to go, but I was always nervous about the trip. I was a nervous traveler. I was a bit agoraphobic. Eventually I finally made my way to a convention and thought, I have to dress up…you’ve got to dress up for it…I fell in love.”


Chloe Dykstra said dressing up as superheroes and in army costumes are “more her style than dressing up as a princess,” ( “I’m absolutely more inspired by videogames…I had a rough time growing up, so it was a way to escape, basically, is what it was.”


She likes dogs, video games, films and the paranormal. As reported by, “she’s known for her openness toward sex and porn (her tweets are littered with anecdotes about traveling with vibrators).”


Socially, Chloe Dykstra said, “Most nights, you can find me at home curled up on the couch with my dog and my laptop. If you’re lucky, you can hear me belting out show tunes…and I adore pranking people, sometimes en masse with the Los Angeles urban pranking group GueriLA.”


As far as people who tell her she’s not a real gamer, she said, “I don’t really care what they think. Just do it, you know? I’ve been playing games for so long I feel like I am doing legitimate reviews and I know my stuff!”


Chloe Dykstra said if she could have a superpower, she would choose teleportation. “The idea of being able to go anywhere in the world with a snap of the fingers is probably the most delicious concept I can think of.”


She has also appeared in “Spider-Man 2,” “Drag Me to Hell” and “Chaotic Awesome.” She dated Chris Hardwick from 2011-2014. Chloe Dykstra currently resides in Los Angeles.

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