Chelsie Aryn

Chelsie Aryn Miller or as she is known professionally, Chelsie Aryn, is a model. Her measurements are 32-25-32. She has appeared on the covers of Super Street Bikes, Cookie for Him and NY Rider, among others.

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  • D.O.B. September 18, 1992
  • Age26
  • Hometown Albany, New York
  • NationalityAmerica
  • Current Town Atlanta, Georgia
  • Height5' 5"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • Ethnicity Multi-racial
  • Job Model
  • Twitter @Chelsiearyn
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Marital Status Single


Chelsie Aryn was born and raised in upstate New York and is a mix of Japanese and German ancestry. It was the kind of small town where “if you did something wrong, your parents would know what it was before you even got home.”


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Growing up, she said she was shy and kind of awkward. “I wouldn’t be a model I am today it if wasn’t for my parents, my teachers, my high school cheerleader coaches.” She said she’s wanted to be a Playboy Playmate since she was 13 years old.


As for modeling, Chelsie Aryn said, “My mom loved to tinker with photography as a hobby, and when I was born I became her favorite subject…as I got older, MySpace became a place to showcase my photos, and everything took off from there.”


After she graduated high school, she intended to attend college to study early childhood education. She said her teachers, though, “told me to follow my modeling dreams, and that those college buildings have been standing there for hundreds of years, and still would be there in five or ten years, but my body would not look like I was eighteen ever again” (


Chelsie Aryn thinks her looks, work ethic and professionalism separate her from other models. “My Japanese/German heritage also gives me a unique look. I have been called a chameleon and can change my appearance with a simple flip of my hair.”


She likes her eyes best about herself. “Guys only notice boobs and ass until you get to know them. Then they notice the other little things like eyes, smile, button nose and freckles.”


Chelsie Aryn described herself on Twitter as “Playboy Miss Social March 2011, Virgo, country girl who loves motorcycles, bad boys with tattoos, MMA & the NY Jets.”


As for guys, she said her most unusual turn-on is a snakebite piercing. But her biggest turn off is when a “a guy buys you everything all the time…I like being spoiled by affection not things.” She added, “I don’t like cocky guys. I am pretty good at spotting a tool. I have dated enough of them.” She’s also a total homebody. “I am not a drinker. I don’t mind going out to events, but any normal weekend you will find me home snuggled in a blanket watching CSI and texting with friends.”


Chelsie Aryn said if she weren’t modeling, she would be “sitting in class right now listening to a teacher, and working a part time job at night, like all my other friends.”


Her hobbies are working out and DIY crafts. Chelsie Aryn is currently single and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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