Cassie Steele

Cassie Steele is a Canadian television actress and singer. She is most famous for her role as Manny Santos on the popular series, "Degrassi: The Next Generation." 

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Cassandra Rae Steele was born on December 2, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A person of many talents, Cassie didn't actually start out wanting to be an actress. In fact it was writing and music that struck her fancy at a young age. By the time she was in the first grade, she was already putting music to the various poems she'd written. Realizing that this was something that held her interest, she decided to be classically trained in singing at the Canadian Academy of Music, then the New Conservatory of Music for contemporary singing.


Of course, performing (and just just music) is a big part of Cassie's life. So, while she was training to be a singer, she also learned ballet and jazz dance at the London School of Dance in Scarborough, Ontario. By 2001, she was also getting her acting career off the ground, landing a role playing the part of the young version of the lead character on the TV series, "Relic Hunter." Her portrayal even earned her a 2002 Young Artist Award nomination for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series. The very same year, she was cast as Manny Santos, the role that made her famous on the Canadian teen drama, "Degrassi: The Next Generation."


Since her early acting days, Cassie's career has continued to take shape, while expanding into the area of music once again, as well. By 2005, she released her first official studio album, How Much for Happy, and her second album, Destructo Doll, by 2009. All the while, she continued to play her part on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" until 2010, when she stepped away to pursue other acting projects. It wasn't long before she was cast as a lead on another series, "The L.A. Complex," which lasted 19 episodes and gained Cassie even more exposure for her work in the industry. 

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