Caroline Gleich

Caroline Gleich is a professional stand-up paddler and skier. 

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Caroline Gleich has appeared on three covers for SKI Magazine, and was a featured skier in Warren Miller’s film “Like There’s No Tomorrow.” She is the first skier to become a Blue Climate and Oceans Project ambassador. She is also a committed environmentalist and owner of the Utah retail shop “C Wild.”


Her last name is pronounced “Glike,” and it rhymes with “like.” As she only stands 5 feet tall, it's no surprise her nickname is Lil’ C. She has 3 brothers, 2 half sisters and dozens of cousins. She wrote on Twitter: “Pro skier, artist, designer, gardener, outdoor adventurer, on camera personality.”


Caroline Gleich began skiing when she was 18 months old in Minnesota and now makes her living in the skiing industry. She moved from Minnesota to Utah when she was 15. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. She was on Dean’s List all four years of college.


Her favorite quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Her most memorable moment on the show was “teaching my dad how to ski powder at Alta.” Her fondest childhood memory is “summertime backpacking with my family and wintertime playing ice hockey on frozen lakes in Minnesota.”


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As for skiing and her height, Caroline Gleich said, “Being five feet tall…has many drawbacks like going to the grocery store, you have to ask somebody to help you to get stuff off the top shelf, but when it comes to powder snow skiing, [it] definitely has some advantages.”


She also worked as a coach for kid’s jumping. “I teach them how to hit ramps and cliffs, and back country booters and terrain park jumps, halfpipe.”


Caroline Gleich said, “Nothing cheers me up like working on an art project or crocheting a beanie. I especially like splatter paint for stress relief.”


In the summer, she competes in stand-up paddle boarding. She also loves to surf, hike, climb, and backpack. “I am also passionate about my organic fruit and vegetable garden, and I grow a lot of my own summer produce.” Caroline Gleich currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and is single.

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