Carmen Electra

Born in Sharonville, Ohio to Patricia, a singer, and Harry, a guitarist, Tara Leigh Patrick aka Carmen Electra is probably best known for her work as a model.

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  • D.O.B. April 20, 1972
  • Age46
  • Hometown Sharonville, Ohio
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town Los Angeles, CA
  • Height5' 3"
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Model/Actress/Singer/Dancer
  • Twitter @carmenelectra
  • Facebook Facebook Page
  • Website
  • Marital Status Single; divorced from Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro
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She is a mix of German, Irish and Cherokee ancestry. Carmens mother and older sister both died in 1998, her mother of a brain tumor and her sister of a heart attack.

As a child, Carmen Electra danced and attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts, taking singing lessons. As a teenager, she danced in musicals and went on to be in over 100 tap and ballet contests.

Carmen Electra began her career as a dancer at Kings Island amusement park. In 1991, she moved to California and met Prince. She then signed a recording contract with Princes Paisley Park Record and began a singing career. It was around this time that she took the moniker Carmen Electra as her stage name because Prince told her she looked like a Carmen and she chose Electra for her last name after a goddess.

Though her album didnt do well, she rebounded.

Carmen appeared in Playboy several times. Her television appearances include roles in Baywatch, Singled Out, and the feature films American Vampire, Good Burger, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and Scary Movie 4, among others.


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Shes also appeared in music videos, as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance, and Britains Got Talent.

Carmen Electra won the role of the face of MAX Factor following in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe and Jaclyn Smith. In 2009, Carmen released her own book, How to be Sexy and a striptease workout video. In an interview with The Guardian, she said, If you decide you want to embrace your inner sexiness and be confident with that, then I think its empowering. These girls really have embraced it because its not always about doing it for someone else sometimes you want to do things for yourself.

In 2009, Carmen appeared in a burlesque show in Las Vegas.

Carmen Electra has supported Head to Hollywood, a charity which offers support to brain tumor survivors, and the charity Elevate Hope, which supports abused children.

Carmen Electra was married to basketball player Dennis Rodman. It lasted less than a year. She later married musician Dave Navarro in 2003, but they separated in 2006.

She appeared as one of celebrity bachelorettes on the TV dating show The Choice. Carmen Electra lives in Los Angeles, California.


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