Camille Ford

Camille Ford is a TV personality probably best known for hosting the Travel Channel’s series “Food Wars.” She has a varied history that includes roles as a producer, actress and news reporter.

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Camille Ford described herself on Twitter as “Professional Foodie, Adventure Guide, Extreme athlete, women’s specific fitness expert, TV personality/host, owner & head instructor at Sassy Pole Girls.”


She was born and raised (until she was nine) in Eugene, Oregon. She has six brothers and sisters and was raised Mormon. She later moved to Arizona. She attended Bradshaw Mountain High School where she was active in sports and debate. Then she attended Northern Arizona University and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.


Camille Ford said, “If there is an ‘-ing’ at the end of anything, that’s my hobby. Biking, running, belaying, climbing, horseback riding; I mean, literally, if it involves me somehow putting my life in danger, that is what I want to be doing.”


As for landing on “Food Wars,” Camille Ford told bullz-eye that she’s been working in entertainment and the performing arts for years, ever since she was a kid. “I moved to New York about eight years ago to kind of pursue the same thing. And I’d done some hosting things that somehow caught the eye of the Travel Channel and it just happened that they were looking for someone to fill this position.”


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She added, “I’ve always loved food. I’m one of these people who is obsessed with it. I love finding new ways, new places and new things to cook and eat.” As for her own favorite food, she said, “I do love spicy food. The spicier, the better, so long as there’s a little kick to it, I’m happy.”


Aside from a foodie, Camille Ford is very into fitness. Her goals are to “inspire people to get hungry for life! Mentally and physically challenging others is my greatest pleasure! Whether it’s on a plate, in a classroom, or up a mountain; humor, knowledge, and compassion are vital for building successful communities and individuals.”


Camille Ford is married and resides in New York City.

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