Caitlin Wynters

Caitlin Wynters is a British glamour model. She works exclusively with Zoo magazine. 

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Caitlin Wynters was born in Hagley, Worcestershire, England. Obviously, with the looks and body on her, she was born to be a Zoo model. Her career with the men's magazine began back in 2010, when she was appeared in their regular feature, "In Bed With..." Obviously, after seeing her in that shoot, men went wild. By July 2011, Caitlin had taken the grand prize in the magazine's "Search For a New Cover Girl" competition. Since then, she's appeared on four Zoo covers, including their 400th issue and "12 Babes of Christmas" double-issue.


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Caitlin is now an official cover girl for the magazine, and is contracted to them. This doesn't necessarily mean she can't do shoots with others, it simply means that she can't be featured in any other weekly magazines until her contract is up. But as long as she is being featured somewhere on a regular basis, we're quite sure her fan base and Twitter following of nearly 50,000 will be 100% satisfied.


By now, Zoo magazine has not only done countless shoots with Caitlin, but plenty of interviews as well for fans to get to know her a little better. First and foremost (and you will notice this if you happen to stumble upon any of her YouTube videos), she likes to dance. Not only that, but according to Caitlin, "I love to see the look on a bloke’s face when I do that. I reckon I could use it as a way of distracting people if I ever wanted to start a life of crime!" And don't worry, gentleman, when it comes to putting the moves on her, humor goes a long way. In fact, the jokes are one of her favorite things about Zoo magazine. She told the magazine, "I always read them and laugh, but then when I try to tell them to other people, I always forget the punchlines." After seeing all of the sexy photos of Caitlin Zoo has put out, we can't focus enough to think of one either. 

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