Brianna Brown

Brianna Lynn Brown is an American actress probably best known for her roles in “Night of the Living Dead 3D” and “General Hospital.” She was most recently cast in the ABC drama pilot “The Visitors,” in which she will play a woman who discovers that her daughter is being turned against her by a covert alien operation.

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Brianna Brown was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She began acting in elementary school and community productions. “I always wanted to be an actress, but I didn’t know of anyone that made a living as an actress and it seemed like something that wasn’t really possible.” She modeled a little in Minnesota, but she said, “because I was a heavier model, I didn’t pursue it much when I lived there."


After she graduated high school, she moved to Los Angeles.


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Brianna Brown has appeared in “Freaks & Geeks,” “Knocked Up” and “Timber Falls,” among numerous other projects. She was named “Sexiest Actress on General Hospital” in 2011 by Soap Opera Digest.


She admitted she suffered from stage fright. “I had to work really hard to come out of my shell. When I was little I was very loud and loved performing in front of people. I was fearless. When I hit puberty, I became very shy and self-conscious. I still get nervous sometimes before shooting and definitely before big auditions” (


As far as watching herself on screen, Brianna Brown said, “I’ve become more kind to myself when watching my work.” Aside from acting, she co-produced the web series “Retail Therapy” and co-executive produced the short film “The Encounter.” Her dream job would be to have her own production company and produce feature films.


As far as a typical day, Brianna Brown said, “There’s no typical, so that’s annoying. There’s no consistency.” She added, “I like to work hard and party hard, but on a very different level. My version of partying is a glass of wine, not dancing on a bar, that’s kind of about it.”


Brianna Brown also founded The New Hollywood, a women’s goal group and non-profit organization with a mission to support each other’s personal and professional goals. “The only way for women to truly elevate themselves is to elevate each other…to be cheerleaders for ourselves and other females as we would our partners and children.”


She resides in Los Angeles and is currently single.

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