Brea Bennett

Brea Bennett is an adult model and actress. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for December 2013. Fans may recognize her, too, from her work in “Hot Lesbian Love 2” and “Naked Girls Wear Ropes,” among many other titles.

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Brea Bennett grew up in Arizona and wanted to be an opera singer. She even recorded a CD with her father. “I’m a musician at heart. I’ve been singing since I was three.” As a teen, she had gauged ears. “I have 13 piercings in my ears. I have a couple tattoos. I could’ve been a punk one day and a Goth the next. Now I’m a little bit of both but I spiced it up with a little bit of prettiness.”


After she graduated high school, she worked as a beauty consultant and then a receptionist in a real estate office. “I never thought of myself being an adult star. I moved to California and it just happened. I decided to explore it. I don’t know why. Aside from the obvious part that I love chicks! I got into the business and it seemed like it was meant to be.”


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Brea Bennett said in a separate interview, “When I got into the industry I only wanted to do girls. I do girls rather well and love girls and I am a dude trapped in a chick’s body and I have a man’s mindset.” She was the first winner of the reality show “Jenna’s American Sex Star.” As winner, she received an exclusive contract with Jenna Jameson’s movie studio Club Jenna. 


In 2009, Brea Bennett left the porn industry to pursue music, only to return a few years later. She said, “I decided to take time off because I went from right out of high school to the adult world. I wanted to have me time, to breathe and experience life outside of the industry. Music has also been a big part of my life.”


Since being in adult entertainment, she has appeared in over 70 adult films. As far as returning, Brea Bennett said, “I have missed my fans and being in front of the camera…I was pretty nervous my first shoot back, but once I got settled in on set, I felt like I had never left. I kinda felt at home once again.”


She identifies herself as bisexual and is married.


Aside from work, Brea Bennett writes her own alternative music and is self-taught on the guitar. “I think it would be considered folk-rock.” She said “I think that the adult industry, if you use it correctly as a tool, it can be a good gateway and a door-opener for different opportunities in different careers. I don’t want this to be my only career.”


Brea Bennett resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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