Brandi Love

Born Tracey Lynne Potoski, Brandi Love is an adult actress, model and businesswoman known for her MILF titles. Fans may recognize her from her roles in “Moms Bang Teens 7,” “Lessons in Anal & Other Stories,” and “MILF Banged,” among others. 

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Brandi Love grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University and lived a fairly "normal" life until 2001, when she "came to [her] senses" and "regained [her] inner wild child," and competed in bikini contests, took a job as a stripper, and became active in the swinger lifestyle. 


Previous to all of that, Brandi Love was a dancer from the time she was three. "I started ice skating at four, played tennis, ran track, and played soccer. I have always been an athlete and adrenaline junkie. I bought my first motorcycle at seventeen and had tats by eighteen. I was always independent and kind of marched to my own beat."


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As for what got her into the swinging lifestyle, Brandi Love explained: "Admittedly, after a few years of marriage I did fall into the 'social norm' mentality and tried like hell to be what I was 'supposed to be.' As you can imagine this did not work out so well because I was not being true to myself. This never works. It's like caging a wild animal. The longer you do it the meaner the animal gets. I had lost my true spirit and for some reason found it easier to follow the rules then cause any ripples. Thankfully I came to my senses in early 2001 and regained my inner wild child. I grew a pair of balls and broke out of my 'pleaser mode.'"


Before getting into stripping, she had never posed nude. "I loved it from the moment I stepped on stage. I mean, I did have butterflies in my stomach at first but it was exciting as was like somebody flipped a switch and there was no turning back." 


As for her sex scenes, Brandi Love said, "What you see is what you get. I always feel complimented when people tell me I’m a good actress because I’m not at all...I feel very fortunate that when it comes to the sex it’s between me and the person I’m working with. I get lost in whatever chemistry we’ve found in one another. I don’t know how to act while having sex. I just choose to get lost in it so it’s the best possible sex for me and my partner. If you’re having sex, you should enjoy it." 


In 2006, she appeared on The Tyra Banks Show with her husband and discussed the subject of open marriages. Brandi also released a book in 2008 called Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative WomanAs for her life, she said she balances it well. "I’ve given lectures on sex at colleges but at the same time I can go to L.A. and get my f*ck on. It’s the perfect balance. There are times when I can be very sexual and there are times to take it down a notch."


In February 2015, however, Brandi Love announced that she had signed a 12-scene deal with Brazzers, and it would mark the final performances of her porn career.


As for her marriage and her lifestyle, Brandi Love said, "I believed in having fun and living life my way. How very fortunate I was to find a man who shared my life philosophies. He dared to be deviant and live outside the box, make his own rules and simply live life to the fullest. We had found our soul mates in one another."

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