Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright is an actress and screenwriter probably best known for playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. Most recently, she was cast in the thriller “The Highway is for Gamblers.”

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Bonnie Wright was born and raised in England, the daughter of jewelers. Her interests include music (she can sing and play the piano), dancing, art, and soccer.


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She initially auditioned for the role in “Harry Potter” because her older brother told her she reminded him of the character, Ginny. Growing up, she said, “I came from a family like [the Weasleys]; not massively materialistic, just a comfortable, warm home. We’ve always had a lot of humor in our family.”


As for seeing herself on screen, Bonnie Wright said, “I think everyone sometimes feels intimidated by themselves when they see themselves on screen.” As for her character, Ginny, she said, “I’ve always loved her – she is very fearless as a character, doesn’t really care what other people think, and she speaks her mind. I think that fearlessness is something that people do admire in her.”


As for her “Harry Potter” fame, she said, “I have had a few people recognize me in public. But I wouldn’t like everybody to recognize me. I can still walk across the street and not be noticed. If I was Daniel Radcliffe I think it I would find it much harder to deal with.”


Bonnie Wright said the experience of being in the film “inspired me to follow my dreams and keep acting and making movies. It was such an amazing experience that it will always be part of me.” As for kissing Daniel on screen, she said, “It was unusual. We’d known each other eight years. I was 17 so it wasn’t my first kiss but it’s better than it being a stranger, someone you’ve never met.”


She has written and directed a short film called “Separate We Come, Separate We Go.” She was once engaged to fellow “Harry Potter” actor Jamie Campbell Bower.


She attended the London College of Communication and the King Alfred School. Bonnie Wright currently resides in London, England and she is single.

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