Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten is an American adult actress and model best known for her tattoos and fetish work. She has appeared in over 50 films and her measurements are 32DD-24-30. She said about herself, “I am a horror fan, an expert pole dancer and an advocate of anything kinky.”

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Bonnie Rotten was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and is of Italian descent. She grew up with her grandparents and got her first tattoo when she was 15. She said, “I’ve always been known for being a little bit out there.” She added, “Where I’m from, I’m from one of those communities where I was the pretty girl. And I started getting tattoos at a very early age so a lot of people were like ‘What the hell’s wrong with this person? She’s got problems!’”


Her motto is “If you aint sinning, you ain’t winnin.”


Her first job was working at a shoe store. When she was 18, she worked as an exotic dancer in Dayton, Ohio. Her stage name comes from the pinup zombie that she has tattooed on her back right leg. Her famous tattoo reads “Dead Girls Don’t Cry” that is across her stomach, and she has spider webs on both breasts. Of her thirty-something tattoos, most of them are horror-related.


Bonnie Rotten also worked as a model for car and motorcycle shows. She won the Ms. Dead Indiana Beauty Pageant at the Indianapolis Horrorbound convention. She began her career as a fetish model for the magazine Girls and Corpses.


Bonnie Rotten said, “I love sharing what should be shared. I love people getting enjoyment from me being myself in its raw form. Seeing a girl in pleasure can be the sexiest thing on earth if it’s genuine.”


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Bonnie Rotten said, as for getting into porn, “I’m heavily tattooed, and there’s not a lot of things I can do. But sex is one thing that I love and enjoy and I feel like if people are going to look at me, they’ll want a performance. I feel like a sexual athlete and I needed a place where I could be myself and not be judged.”


Her favorite fantasy is “Carson Palmer banging me in front of the rest of the Oakland Raiders while they jerk off on my face,” ( She is turned on by “human reaction, that’s what gets me off.”


Her favorite position is doggy. “I love it from behind, spanking and hair pulling.” As for men, her favorite part is “their dick,” and for a woman is “Ass, I love ass….big ass, bigggg ass.” Her bests asset, she thinks, are her eyes, but her hair is “pretty annoying.” She is annoyed by “people that eat extremely smelly things next to you on an airplane” and people who “one up.”


Bonnie Rotten looks for people to date who have “honesty, nice breath, if they like good movies, older than 30.” As far as guys cumming, she said, “I like it in my mouth. It’s my present. I earned it!” In January 2014, she launched her own production company, Mental Beauty, Inc.


Bonnie Rotten is single and resides in Los Angeles.

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